Take out a loan – direct bank or through the house bank?

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Loans are cheaper than ever before! The historical low of the key interest rate has made borrowing very interesting. Although Germans are generally reluctant to take a loan, many also take advantage of the favorable situation on the credit market and fulfill one or the other dream.


Take out credit but where?

Take out credit but where?

If the decision is made to take out a loan, the question quickly arises as to where a loan can be taken out and from which credit institution the best interest can be obtained? So where are the most loans taken out? The days when borrowers had to go through a lengthy process are long gone. The internet and its direct banks have made borrowing easy. The formalities are quickly dealt with, especially if it is an installment loan. 


Take out an installment loan

installment loan

There is now a suitable loan for all requirements. Be it for the financing of a new vehicle, for the renovation of your own home or simply for a family vacation, the reasons why many choose loans are very different. One of the most frequently requested forms of credit, however, is the installment loan. This loan offers a number of advantages because the amount of money is not subject to a specific purpose. It is therefore up to the borrower what the money is spent for. The favorable interest rates and an uncomplicated application make the installment loan so interesting. If you also want to take out a loan, it is worth visiting a direct bank (Internet).


Take out a loan through the house bank

home loan

Another way to get a loan is of course through your own bank. Here, however, you usually cannot avoid a personal consultation. The great advantage of a loan through the house bank is that the bank advisor knows your financial situation very well and can assess whether you can afford the monthly loan installments.


Where are most loans taken out?

Where are most loans taken out?

This question is relatively easy to answer, because a large part of the loans today are applied for and also granted via the Internet. Many still have a certain shyness when it comes to a loan and a certain “anonymity” remains with the submission over the Internet. Of course, applicants must also meet various requirements for a loan from a direct bank. Be it a monthly fixed income or a main place of residence in Germany, the provisions for a positive completion are very different. Even a loan without a Schufa check is no longer a problem these days.


Take out a loan – you should still pay attention to this

Take out a loan - you should still pay attention to this

Where are most loans taken out and what are the advantages and disadvantages of direct banks? Before you decide on a loan, you should of course check the offers and the costs (processing fees) and interest very carefully. Since the conditions change almost daily, you should definitely get some loan offers and compare them. You can also use the Internet to get important information about current loan offers,

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